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Congratulations on the ownership of your new MK-VR! Not only have you invested in the world's finest microdot camera, but you've also joined the "MK-VR Family". Our skilled support staff are here to help with all of your MK-VR needs including repairs, technical service, parts, accessories, film supplies and sales.


Private & Group Instruction is also available upon request.


For assistance with your MK-VR Microdot Camera, you may also contact via direct email or use our Contact Us form.


The following information is provided as a help source for owners of the MK-VR microdot camera.


Using the MK-VR is actually quite easy. This is mainly due to the simplicity of it's design and function. You don't have all of the settings to deal with that you have on cameras like the Tessina or Minox and other so-called "spy cameras". In fact there are no camera settings for you to adjust at all. When using the MK-VR, one loads the camera with film, aims it at the subject, flips the shutter open and closed. Now your finished with the first photo so you advance the frame and the protocol is repeated. It is possible to take 11 microdot photos on one film disc. 


Even with the absence of any camera settings, there are still a few adjustments one can and must make. Those include the lighting environment, background, subject density, film speed (ISO or ASA), and exposure time. MK-VR owners with Interchangeable Optic Cannons also have the ability to adjust the aperture or F-stop. Creative users may experiment with other variables like lens filters or subject targeting and matting. Understanding how to manipulate these variables will allow you to "master" the use of the MK-VR.


A useful tool that will aid you in using your MK-VR microdot camera is the Rex Lightmeter App. Rex Light Meter is an easy to use, touch friendly incident-light meter application. Just expose the light sensor on your phone towards the light source, and press the "Measure" button, you can read the Lux (Lumens), EV (Exposure value) and see the exposure settings. Another similar app that is very good and easy to use and understand is called LightMeter by David Quiles Photography. It may not be available for every model cell phone


MORE TO COME - Please sit tight. More information, photos, videos & tutorials are on the way.









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