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The MK-VR is designed & built for durability & dependability. It is a very rugged camera that generally won't need repair. There are no user serviceable parts, so in the unlikely event a repair is needed, we will service your camera at our facility where it was built. Though there is no written warranty for the MK-VR, we do pledge the highest quality of manufacture to all of our owners. If we feel that the need or cause for any repair is due to manufacturing, it will be done at no cost. If there is a cost for repair, owners are notified of the exact cost before any repairs are made.




There are some simple things one can do to avoid damaging a camera.


Don't drop it. The MK-VR can take a great deal of abuse. We have naturally dropped them from time to time, and have only experienced minimal repairs.


Keep optical system away from chemicals and solvents. There are several lenses that comprise the optical system including multi-element achromat lenses that are "adhered" to one another in an exacting fashion. Prolonged exposure to certain chemicals can "break" the bonded elements causing a need to repair the optical components.


Don't play with it when not in use. It's a good idea to operate the shutter a few cycles before using the camera each time it has not been in use for a long period. Playing with the camera by continuously "flipping" the shutter or advancing the film frame can put accelerated wear on springs and other parts.


Use your MK-VR. Take pictures with it. Using the camera will keep everything operating as it should and you will gain experience & confidence.


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