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Visit some of our "MK-VR Family" partners and friends for interesting information about microdot cameras, microdots, microdot readers, cryptology, steganography, spy concealments and high quality spy products, kit, tradecraft and other espionage paraphernalia.



Links to our Friends & Partners


Stanhope - Specialist manufacturer of optics and optical devices including stanhopes & stanhope lenses. This small family owned company has over 20 years experience making microfilms, microphotos and microdots. They can provide you with stanhope type bullet lens readers in various shapes and sizes, microfilm & microdot carrying coins, film case concealment coins and more. Stanhope MicroWorks is an Authorized Agent for the MK-VR microdot camera.


Spy Coins - - Find some of the coolest and finest made Cold War spy gadgets available. This small privately owned company really pride themselves on their work and personal service. They make the most authentic and useful hollow coins, dead drops and other spy kit you can find anywhere. They also provide microdots with some of their coins. Spy-coins is an Authorized Agent for the MK-VR family of products.


International Spy Museum - - Located in Washington DC, the International Spy Museum is the number one resource for learning about spies and espionage. The spy museum offers many activities and exhibits for people of all ages. You'll find a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of espionage including Cold War espionage methods, practices, tools and gadgets .


Crypto  Museum - - Here's a great resource for cryptology, codes and code breaking, steganography and other communication "tricks" and practices used in spying. The Crypto Museum is a virtual treasure trove of historic and factual information concerning encryption and encryption tools and devices like the infamous Enigma machines.


Westlicht Photographica Auction - - Specialty auctions for cameras and photographica, Westlicht has a very good reputation for providing rare Cold War era spy, subminiature, microdot and other hard to find modern, vintage and antique cameras and accessories.


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Microdot camera lens being cleaned for assembly


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