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Every MK-VR camera produced is individually made to the highest standard of workmanship from the finest available materials. All of the raw materials used in your MK-VR are made in the US. We field test each & every camera for reliability, function and optical resolution before it is deployed.



MK-VR Specifications


Weight - circa 16 gram


Dimensions - Case Diameter: 27mm, Height 5mm; Cannon Diameter: 3mm-7mm, Height 10 mm


Materials - 300 & 400 series stainless steel, T-6061 aluminum, optical glass, brass


Finish - Non-ceramic, chemical and abrasion resistant weapons grade coating


Film Format - 24mm disc or scalloped disc


Frame Advance - Spring operated locking mechanism


Frame  - 11 frames per disc


Shutter - One finger operation


Double Exposure Security - None


Optical system -  Rodidon 4


Aperture - Choice of F3, F4, F5.6, F8; interchangeable on some MK-VR's


Negative Size - 2.7mm diameter circle


Reduction Ratio - Nominal @ 28" BFL: 154x  Actual: 130x - >200x


Negative Subject Size - @ Nominal Reduction - 8.5" x 11" => 1mm x 1.4mm


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Microdot camera lens being cleaned for assembly


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