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The MK-VR Microdot Camera has been a well kept secret known only to a few of the world's intelligence agencies. There is little factual information published  about any of the MK type cameras. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.



Where is the MK-VR made?


          The MK-VR is made entirely in the US by a small team of specialists working in a single facility under a veil of secrecy. The team consists of several engineers, an optics specialist, a watch-maker, a group of skilled machinists, creative consultants, a limographer and a small support staff.


Is the MK-VR microdot camera only available in gray?


           No. The MK-VR is available in the anti-reflective military gray flat finish as well as a flat black "Black-Ops" finish. It can also be made by special order in almost any color. See the technical data for more information.


How much does the MK-VR microdot camera cost?


          Because we do not sell the MK-VR direct we do not discuss the price. This question can only be answered by your Agent/Handler once you are assigned one.


Can anyone purchase an MK-VR?


          Most individuals can purchase an MK-VR camera.  All non-millitary / non-governmental, or otherwise, private purchases, are made through one of our Authorized Agents or Handlers. We restrict sales in certain countries, primarily those of the Middle East and Northern Africa. To begin the purchase process, contact us and we will assign an Agent who will assist you.


Are there any options or optional equipment for the MK-VR?


          Yes, there are several options available. Optional equipment choices include a Projection Kit, Film Ring Punch, Interchangeable Optic Cannon option and more. For a complete list, refer to the MK-VR Parts & Accessories section.


What format & type film does the MK-VR use?


           The film format is a 24mm disc. Most users "punch" discs from standard 35mm roll film. The MK-VR is designed for use with B&W negative panchromatic film. Other types of film including lomography, color, aerial, etc., also yield excellent results.

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