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Microdot cameras have long played a major roll in the clandestine work and activities of governments around the world. One US source even credited the success of such cameras and the microdots they produce as "indispensable tools of tradecraft that that were a large part of America's winning the Cold War". Usability, and the ability to consistently provide top quality results, are all part of the MK-VR's resume.


        * The MK-VR's best feature may best serve the Covert & Clandestine users, because it's public availability offers a true and reasonable explanation for it's possession in the event it is uncovered by Authorities in foreign and unfriendly countries. Being discovered with any microdot camera in the past would generally lead to harsh consequences.


        * The MK-VR can be used as a microdot reader by projecting the image onto a suitable surface eliminating the need for extra kit & paraphernalia like microdot readers and scopes.


         * The MK-VR has a greater depth of focus over any other microdot camera known, even it's predecessor the MK-IV. This means that 3 dimensional objects are completely in focus on all planes rather than just the flat "document" plane. This eliminates the need to flatten or tape rolled and bent documents. The results can be seen in one MK-VR users (user QZ) submission posted in our User Gallery showing a "head-shot" or "selfie". 


         * Variable more forgiving Back Focal Distance allows the opportunity to make further exposure and lighting adjustments and can be used to create variations in the microdots negative size.


         * Choice of Aperture (f-stop) and ability to easily and quickly change apertures with no tools allows for any lighting condition with comfortable exposure times. Previous microdot cameras relied on very slow speed film of about 3 - 25 ASA/ISO. Films of this nature are difficult to find today.  The MK-VR produces excellent photographs using a wide range of films from vintage slow speed films to more common faster speed (drugstore) films. Most of the research and testing on the MK-VR was done using 80 ASA b&w 35mm negative film.


         * Magnetic Camera Back - Use with a magnet allows total hands-free operation.

No holding means no movement or "camera-shake" and it's magnetically mountable quality

allows you to concentrate on the shutter speed and operate the camera with just one finger.

It also offers more concealment opportunities as it can be disguised as a refrigerator magnet or

hidden securely and quickly on or under steel and other magnetic surfaces like a metal office desk.


These are just some of the features and improvements that the MK-VR microdot camera has over it's former & very formidable predecessors.


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