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There are a number or very useful parts, accessories and helpful tools to make your work with the MK-VR easy and efficient. We also supply renewable resources like film and other supplies used to make microdots.



Projection Kit - The Projection Kit quickly and easily allows you to use the MK-VR as a microdot reader. Once a disc of film has been shot and processed, it can be placed back in the camera and secured with the projection kit. Then with the light of a single LED (cell phone flash-light) shining through the back, the images can be projected onto any surface. This eliminates the need for a separate reader. The projection kit will fit any MK-VR.


High Resolution Film - 35mm High Resolution Document Roll Film is available in both high contrast & medium contrast types. Available in thick & thin base format and in 100 feet and 215 feet lengths. For use with our "Film Ring Punch".


Disc Film Concealment Coin Cases - We have a variety of Film Concealment Coins that can be used to carry a standard MK-VR film disc. They are available in denominations from around the world and can be used to carry unexposed film discs as well as those which have been processed.


Film Ring Punch- The Film Ring Punch punches out the perfect MK-VR film disc from any 35mm or larger format film. The scalloped-round shape is preferred to a simple circular shape as it is easier to handle than a smooth circular disc.


Hand Microdot Punch - Round punches punch out the perfect circle at just the right size. They are available in several diameters starting as small as 0.5mm. For use with a rawhide, lignum vitae or other small jeweler type hammer.


MK-VR with Interchangeable Optic Cannon - Interchangeable Optic Cannons are available in a number of F-stops which allow for different exposure times, the use of different film speeds, and variable lighting conditions. While most standard issue MK-VR's do not have a removable optic cannon, one may order a new MK-VR with this option. There are currently 4 choices of F-stop available including F3, F4, F5.6 & F8.


MK-VR Black OPS - The MK-VR "Black OPS" is the same as the standard issue MK-VR with the except it is finished in a flat anti-reflective military covert black. It is available with or without interchangeable optics. It can also be made with a non-descript case back which omits the "24" and the four "arrows". The Black OPS editions have no identifying numbers or other markings. They can only be identified at headquarters by the optic "footprint" record.


Cell Phone Mount - Transforms your MK-VR and cell phone into a complete camera flatpod mount and lighting set-up.





This list encompasses just some of the parts, accessories and camera options available for the MK-VR. Your Agent can furnish you with the complete list of accessories & options at the time of purchase. Owners will be notified of new options as they are developed and released.




Microdot camera film disc concealment coin
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