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The story behind the MK-VR Microdot Camera is as intriguing as the camera itself.


Though based on the CIA's MK-IV (aka MD-4), the MK-VR was developed privately without government funding in any form. None of the research, developement, engineering, production or manufacturing have been paid for by any government agency or "Black Budget". That doesn't mean that government & intelligence agencies weren't involved.


The MK-VR is the culmination of what's known among the intel mainstream as a "floater" project. A floater project is one in which an organization like the CIA or NSA utilize a person or a company for a specialized job or mission. "Floaters" are usually sought out carefully and selected for their special talents, abilities, knowledge or technologies. More often than not, "floaters" are unaware they are doing the important secret work of governments & others. It's an intelligence charade hor's de concourse, with all the necessary bells and whistles added to assure the project remains top-secret.


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